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Meet POBA, the PanOptic Business Assistant

Solving problems, one behavior at a time

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PanOptic Intelligence offers a wide range of generative AI solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are designed to adapt and exhibit different behaviors as needed, providing customizable solutions to your business needs.

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Working in the Office

The Business Assistant

Your trusted business analyst companion. It excels in business-centric contexts, simplifying complex information into easily-understandable summaries for business stakeholders. POBA also serves as a conversational documentation expert, readily answering questions and providing valuable insights from financial reports. It's your go-to AI partner for data-driven business decisions.

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Software Programmer

The QA Assistant

Your QA engineer's ultimate ally. POBA excels at simplifying your testing process by automatically generating Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) test cases directly from product requirements. It doesn't stop there – POBA can write test automation code in various programming languages and frameworks, making your testing efforts more efficient and adaptable. Plus it generates Docker images to run the automation, perfect for seamless integration into your CI/CD pipelines. With POBA on your team, testing becomes faster, more accurate, and effortlessly integrated into your development workflow.

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Analysing data

The Database Assistant

Your database admin extraordinaire. POBA effortlessly translates plain text into SQL queries, ensuring precision and efficiency. It meticulously validates database schemas to maintain data integrity. It not only generates and runs SQL queries but also transforms results into insightful data visualizations like tables and graphs. Plus, when it's time to migrate data between databases, POBA steps in as your trusted assistant. And if you ever need raw data simplified, it summarizes it into plain text, making complex information a breeze to understand.

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